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Frequently Asked Questions

It is our experience that we can complete a project on time and budget much easier than if the project were run by unqualified, unlicensed and uninsured ‘construction people’.

We have found the timeline for a construction project that is managed inexperienced is often conflicted by “paralysis analysis” or bogged down by on the job training. When those managing a project ‘understand’ each construction trade, without the proven skills of an experienced, tested, proven, and licensed General Contractor…often there is a tenancy to focus upon smaller details at the expense of the delivery timeline.

Years ago, we discovered that the best policy is to do business with people that are skilled and resourceful in their respective trade, and trust their informed advice while balancing each team members input with the ultimate project timeline, budget, materials, weather, and logistical realities.

If you have a project going on, it is best to have one responsible party to ‘keep track of the details’ of each trade and corresponding timeline as well as the big picture such as budget, quality of products, and services… as well at the final project completion and cleanup!

We are glad to demonstrate the usefulness, value, and confidence that our construction management services provide.

We have found that our construction management methods and process are most appreciated and valued by those customers who were previously directly involved in a previous project that went into an unfortunate direction.

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