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Convert the Garage into Practical Living Space

Is this what your garage looks like now?

Converting the Garage into Living Space



Convert the garage into living space?? Why would someone in the right mind get rid of their garage, where they house the car, in order to gain more living space? Well, there are many possible events where the space is needed. Some families need to accommodate their boomerang children or aging parents. I will straight up admit: I am a boomerang child. I moved out after high school only to return after getting a college degree. Why? Because now I am a broke college graduate drowning in student debt. Thanks mom, love ya!

So, what about the option of the basement or attic? There is the potential of converting the attic or basement into living space but some houses have neither. Or if there is an attic, it would be impossible to remodel because the rafters do not form the ‘A’ pitch and there would not be enough head room.

However, there are many houses with either attached or detached garages, and these garages can be turned to enjoyable living areas. The prospective for this new space is almost unlimited; extra bedroom, office, library (that would be the first thing on my list), music room, craft room, playroom, or another living area.

Need a home office? Done.

Need a home office? Done.

Turn the space into a man cave

Awesome indoor to outdoor living space

Awesome indoor to outdoor living space













When you decide what you would like to convert the old garage into, give us a call at Friga Construction. We will provide you with a free consultation and come look at the space. Need some ideas,  just don’t know where to start or know what could the garage be turned into? Contact us. You will want and need a qualified professional to help with this remodel given the local ordinances and building codes. Friga Construction will make sure the new converted space stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We are here to make your visions become reality. Call us today to get  your old garage turned into something that you need; either for yourself or your boomerang children.



Commercial Construction? We Do it All!

Do you own a commercial lot or building and are thinking about remodeling, renovating, or building from the ground up and don’t know who to choose to do the work? It is the best to select a contractor who is familiar with commercial or retail space. You don’t want a contractor working on a commercial space who only specializes in residential remodels. A contractor who does commercial remodels will be able to find ways to save on costs, utilize what already exists, and perhaps most significantly, finish on time.

Finished Interior

Finished interior of Massage Envy


The new entrance at Massage Envy

A contractor who has knowledge remodeling a commercial business might also have suggestions based on their experience that a manager might not have considered before. Friga Construction has worked on many commercial lots comprising of the Greene County Health Department; Massage Envy in Springfield, Missouri; Parmele Law Firm; and a new library in Marionville, Missouri, including many more. Check out the link to see more commercial remodels and possibly get some ideas of your own. When you are ready to start planning your commercial construction give Friga Construction a call and we can help you begin.

One of the main reasons for hiring experienced local professionals comes down to following building codes. Commercial buildings are subject to many more government regulations than residential structures are—and they’re more likely to get fines when they break code. “Knowing city and state regulations for commercial buildings is only the beginning. Sometimes there are also local requirements such as permits for electrical or plumbing work in public restrooms or inspections to be scheduled. You don’t want to find out about infractions after work has begun; a bargain basement contractor may seem like a good deal at first, but when fines need to be paid and work needs to be redone to meet official code, you may end up spending far more than you bargained”.

This can be found on the city of Springfield, MO website in more detail along with the Code and Zoning Checklist:

Building– A Building Permit is required to construct, enlarge, alter, move or demolish a structure; or change the occupancy of a building or structure requiring greater strength, exit or sanitary provisions; or to change to another use; or to install or alter any equipment for which provision is made or the installation of which is regulated by the Building Code.

Electrical– An Electrical Permit is required to do all electrical work except the replacement of lamps, the connection of portable appliances to suitable, permanently installed receptacles, or for the replacement of over current protective devices which have become defective or inoperative.

Mechanical– A Mechanical Permit is required to do all mechanical work except portable heating, ventilating and cooling equipment; any steam, hot or chilled water piping within any heating or cooling equipment regulated by the Mechanical Code; replacement or any minor part which does not alter approval of equipment or make it unsafe; any self-contained refrigeration system containing 10 lbs. or less of refrigerant, or actuated by motors of 1 horsepower or less.

Plumbing– A Plumbing Permit is required to do all plumbing work except for repairs which involve only the working parts of a faucet or valve, clearance of stoppages, or repairing or replacement of defective faucets or valves, provided alterations are not made in the existing piping or fixture.

Sprinkler– All sprinkler work, underground or within a building shall be permitted under an “FIS” permit only.


Friga Construction is skilled in both residential and commercial construction. We understand all the steps and regulations that need to be followed before starting the job. We will schedule the inspections, obtain the permits needed, and make sure all the work is completed right and up to code the first time so no time is wasted on your commercial building. We want to make your commercial construction visions become reality; contact us today.

Reclaim Your Attic Space!!

Does your attic space look like this?

Does your attic space look like this?

Rescue that wasted space!!

Before it can be finished, your attic must pass some essential tests for structural adequacy and comfort. Here’s what Friga Construction will look for:

How it was built: If it is a network of W-shape trusses supporting the roof, then it may not be practical to remodel the attic space. If the rafters form an A shape to support the roof — with open space underneath the rafters, we’ve got a probable remodeling candidate.

What about the stairs? Figuring out how you’re going to get up and down from the finished attic space can be somewhat of a problem. Expanding the present stairway or adding a new one will affect spaces below. A straight-run stair will need up to 10-14 ft of floor space. A spiral staircase takes up only about 5 ft but moving furniture & other belongings up & down that staircase can seem near impossible.

Before and After staircase

Before and After staircase

Hopefully, there’s headroom: Most building codes require a living space be at least 7-1/2 feet high over 50 percent of the floor area. Friga Construction will verify the local codes for specifics and to make sure everything is kept within code.

Light and Entree: Friga Construction can add windows or skylights in order to produce more natural light. If the attic is planned to be remodeled as a bedroom, many codes require outlet through a window in case of fire.

Is it freezing in the winter and hot in the summer? Friga Construction will consult with a heating and air-conditioning sub-contractor to assess the cost of routing heating/cooling ducts. Also, we will most likely need to insulate the space to keep the heat and cool in since the attic is directly under the roof.

Want a bathroom too? If the attic plans include a new bathroom,  Friga Construction will try to locate it above a bathroom on the floor below. This will reduce costs and avoid the need to cut a hole in the room for a new vent stack.

Built in shelves for extra storage

Built in shelves for extra storage

Use the space for a guest bedroom

Use the space for a guest bedroom

Tight space but functional

Tight space but functional

Turn it to the children's new space

Turn it to the children’s new space

Reclaim that wasted space!

Reclaim that wasted space!

Friga Construction will gladly come take a look at your attic and see if we are able to remodel the existing space. Contact us today!  We are located in Springfield, Missouri and have worked in most counties within Missouri. We will be happy to come out to your home and speak to you about ideas for turning your attic space into living areas.

We service the following Southwest Missouri areas including: Springfield, MO; Nixa, MO; Ozark, MO; Mountain Grove, MO; Joplin, MO; Lebanon, MO; Carthage, MO and Branson, MO.