Name That Mood

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Name That Mood

What you do for a repeat client, what mood do you want your business clientele to leave your office or business with? Do you want repeat clients, most would say yes. If you want them to feel excited like they just purchased a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, then you have to give them that feeling. I don’t mean give them the car. I mean give them that excited type of feeling when they leave your business or the best feeling you deem necessary for a repeat client. A professional can only do so much, the other is up to the image you leave in the clients’ mind. By image, I mean the appearance of your building, your office, or your factory. A lot has to do with appearance in business. Example: Are you more likely to shop at an outdated store or a new store.

Kmart is an excellent example of repeat client & how not to run your business. They have not had a face lift in over 25 years, everyone else keeps updating and changing.Think about the perception of the repeat client and the experience that you give them. The nicer the facility, usually the more people feel comfortable and the more they are willing to pay more for items just because of the experience. Look at Bass Pro Shops, they are all about the experience, decorations galore, yet you will not leave out of there without spending the full MSRP for the items. I usually leave happy after a purchase, my wife not necessarily.

Think outside the box, a dental, medical, or other type of office, try modern ceiling designs or wall designs for a great Repeat Client experience. Architect’s are ideal for this updated creativity. An easy detail that attracts repeat client, adding an aquarium, saltwater aquariums are ideal, but expensive. They are unique, they give clients a “cool, you don’t normally see that kind of thing” experience.

I have noticed small businesses must address the “Image Look“ or they will be run over by competitors. Our construction company is no different. If you don’t stay current, you become irrelevant, unfortunately. As a business you must keep adapting for repeat client, sometimes that means changing your building. If you are needing a building change, then give us a call @ 417-887-7134 ask for Randy. We can help, I try to keep us socially updated, my dad, not so much. However, he is a pro at helping clients cut unnecessary costs on projects. He is definitely a creative thinker, which helps out in dealing with architects and creative designs.

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