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Rescue that wasted space!!

Does your attic space look like this?

Before it can be finished, your attic must pass some essential tests for structural adequacy and comfort. Here’s what Friga Construction will look for:

How it was built: If it is a network of W-shape trusses supporting the roof, then it may not be practical for attic remodel space.

If the rafters form an A shape to support the roof — with open space underneath the rafters, we’ve got a probable attic remodeling candidate.

Before and After staircase

What about the stairs? Figuring out how you’re going to get up and down from the finished attic remodel space can be somewhat of a problem. Expanding the present stairway or adding a new one will affect spaces below. A straight-run stair will need up to 10-14 ft of floor space. A spiral staircase takes up only about 5 ft but moving furniture & other belongings up & down that staircase can seem near impossible.

Hopefully, there’s headroom: Most building codes require a living space be at least 7-1/2 feet high over 50 percent of the floor area. Friga Construction will verify the local codes for specifics and to make sure everything is kept within code.

Light and Entree: Friga Construction can add windows or skylights in order to produce more natural light. If the attic remodel is planned to remodeled as a bedroom remodeling, many codes require outlet through a window in case of fire.

Is it freezing in the winter and hot in the summer? Friga Construction will consult with a heating and air-conditioning sub-contractor to assess the cost of routing heating/cooling ducts. Also, we will most likely need to insulate the space to keep the heat and cool in since the attic is directly under the roof.

Want a bathroom too? If the attic remodel plans include a new bathroom,  Friga Construction will try to locate it above a bathroom on the floor below. This will reduce costs and avoid the need to cut a hole in the room for a new vent stack.

attic decoration

Turn it to the children’s new space

attic living space

Tight space but functional

attic design

Use the space for a guest bedroom


Reclaim that wasted space!

attic space

Built in shelves for extra storage

Friga Construction will gladly come take a look at your attic and see if we are able to remodel the existing space. Contact us today! We are located in Springfield, Missouri and have worked in most counties within Missouri. We will be happy to come out to your home and speak to you about ideas for turning your attic remodel as a living areas.

We service the following Southwest Missouri areas including: Springfield, MO; Nixa, MO; Ozark, MO; Mountain Grove, MO; Joplin, MO; Lebanon, MO; Carthage, MO and Branson, MO. 417-887-7134

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