Race to find Space

Race to find Space- Friga INC

Are you in a race to find Free space?

Unused Space

Are you constantly buying things and don’t know where to put them, then here is a blog for you. Many people buy things and they buy it thinking they’ll use it, need it, or just like the way it looks. You might think you have to spend a lot to create some free space, but there are other ideas that make space from unused space.

You can go on pinterest and find many ideas, you might find one the can work for you. Of course, we like the other way of creating Free space by remodeling, business or home additions, or simply building a new bigger building.

Free Space


Staircase Space

The ideas can be quite clever, such as the dog house or room under the staircase. A great idea that incorporates unused and usually wasted space. It’s also not that expensive to do. Creating cabinets out of the stairs is also a neat idea, however, it would be a little more expensive. There are many ideas of utilizing wasted space under staircases. The next area to save some free space is the bathroom, yes that’s right, you’re bathroom. The different ideas range from organizers in existing cabinets all the way to building a hidden closet drawer behind your tub. To save space in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling you can turn cabinets into a pantry system, instead of have to build a new pantry. The garage usually has space above your car. You can use tote bins, label them and hold everything from Christmas decorations to sports equipment.

Hopefully this gives you some incite into finding creative ways for some free space that would otherwise have went wasted. However, if you need that other method such as adding on space give us a call we can help you out, just check out our website @frigainc.com and give us a call. 417-887-7134

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