Springfield Ballet New Dance Studio

Springfield Ballet New Dance Studio

Project Description

This project utilized some of our more skilled expertise. The studio is in the Springfield Creamery Art Center in Springfield, Mo. The area that was utilized for the space was very rough from a finish standpoint. The floor had extremely uneven concrete with varying heights. We had to build a subfloor that was lower than normal for typical construction to level out a floor. We were able to make it level, install a cost effective sprung floor that can be reused or moved if necessary. There were no specific sprung floor requirements, so several hours of thought were devoted to coming up with the best efficient system for the space. Not only is it a dance studio, it can be converted to an office space or other types fairly easily with the flooring solution. At Friga Construction, we don’t try to build all projects. However, the one’s we do build, we devote our time to make it efficient, affordable, substantial, and have the best customer service all building projects deserve. Our reputation has been passed from generation to generation and we are not about to change it now.


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