Queen of Angel’s Daycare New Playground

Queen of Angel’s Daycare New Playground

Project Description

This is the Queen of Angel’s Daycare new playground we built in 2020.  Here is one project that attention to detail cannot truly describe all the details and planning this playground took.  However, being a well versed commercial contractor, we could easily handle it.  It features an underground drainage system that will handle enough water for a 100 year flood.  It was required to have a drainage system, because the site was not able to adequately handle a lot of water runoff.  The synthetic turf is drainable and has a mat with gravel below it.  The concrete is sloped towards the turf to keep water away from the building and drain into the drainage system underneath the turf.  The deck is also very special with but a few actual square corners, in order to follow the playground sidewalk and fencing surrounding it.  It was also built around two large trees.  We had to frame it, to allow for the required pier spacing, even though it is basically setting on the ground.  The deck is a composite Trex hidden fastener system with treated support lumber.  Regardless of all the challenges required, we made it look awesome.

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