Fazoli’s Restaurant Renovations

Fazoli’s Restaurant Renovations

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We were selected as the general contractor to remodel, two Fazoli’s restaurants in Springfield, MO. They feature complete commercial building remodels. Both restaurants received new awnings, interior and exterior paint, lighting, wainscoting, trim, ceramic tile flooring, restrooms, cabinetry, and many other updates. They were completed while the stores were open, with minimal interior disruptions during construction.

All special order materials were ordered in advance of construction and stored at our company warehouse. Materials that were stored ranged from 9 pallets of ceramic tile, 1 pallet of restroom wall tile, 4 plastic laminate doors/jambs, door hardware, 4 restroom stainless steel partition sets, 90+ sheets of 4×8 wainscoting, 3- 10′ boxes of wainscoting trim, 8- 12′ boxes of wood chair rail, 6-6”x8′ vinyl base boxes, 4 baby changing stations, 4 complete sets of restroom accessories and plumbing fixtures, as well as 12 3 gallon buckets of adhesive for the wainscoting. All materials were stored inside a temperature-controlled room to help avoid added downtime for product acclimation. This helped maintain the projects’ timeline speed and ensure the products/installation quality. Once again this project showcases where Friga Construction turns the client’s “vision into reality.”

Fazoli's Restaurant Renovations By Friga Commercial Contractor

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