The Best Way to Build a New Building

, NewsDo you know the best way to build a new building?  We do!!  Most people call it design build.  Being new to the construction experience, you might wonder what is that.  It is where you choose a an architect or a general contractor to create what you want and work with those whom you have chosen.  Instead of putting the project out for bid.  Design build is typically a faster process and you are more likely to get the building you need and want.

How do you start?  Choose an Architect or a General Contractor that you feel is best suited for your building and your needs.  Do you trust them, are they reliable, how is their reputation, do they have an actual office, and so on.  Some choose an architect or contractor whose jobsite signs are more prevalent.   Some choose them from referrals from friends, family, or associates.  One way to look into an architect or  contractor is to look at their website.  You can tell a lot about a company from their website.  Do they show detailed pictures, do they have more than one page, do they update it often, and so on.  The next is a big one, check their affiliations, such as the Chamber of Commerce or the Builders Association.  Check their Better Business Bureau rating, reputation.  Next, how big is the company, do they have one employee or a dozen? The larger the company tends to distance itself from the more personable experience for the client.  Smaller companies can not do what some larger companies can, like 5 million plus projects.  You have to choose this decision usually on your own.  Newer architectural firms rely more on newer technology and 3d design and conceptualization.  Do you need that?  You will most likely pay for these additional features they offer, same goes with a general contractor.  It’s common business sense, the more they offer, typically the higher the overhead which they will make up on cost or quantity., News

Most people do not realize the cost of the project rates the architects fee.  The higher the cost the more they make, which is fair.  However, going the Design Build approach, your contractor helps you cut costs where you don’t need them and lets you know where you might want to spend more for durability and so on.  Architects know designing buildings very well. However there are things that get missed and installed on buildings all the time, that didn’t need to be.  All in all this just costs the clients more money.  Things like the architect spec’s a certain type of lighting from a non typical brand and the light requires specialty bulbs that you cannot buy without special ordering.  Would you want a light bulb that is easy to replace or one you have to call a electrician everytime. The ceiling grid is speced with revealed edge tile.  It looks nice, however do you want it, because it costs more.  The architect specs a specific door hardware that require mortise locksets.  Which means the doors have to be specially prepped and the lockset is usually about double vs a regular lockset.  They have special features, but do you need them?

, NewsA lot of building and business owners do not understand this approach of design build.  Instead of taking the time into putting the project out for bid for the one lowest bidder.  You spend more time with one contractor designing the building how you want it and can afford.  The contractor will usually be upfront with their markup.  Usually it is around 7 to 12 percent of the project.  It usually depends on the size of the project.  The lower the percentage for the larger the project.  Some contractors will advertise or show they are bidding at 5% or lower on projects under 1 million dollars.  DO NOT BELIEVE IT!!  They are marking up other trades on their bid to get their margin, it’s a slight of hand trick.   It is not as straight forward as a bid, we at Friga Construction Co give our clients.  Once we get the contract that the client chooses us to build the project, we show them a detailed breakdown of costs.  Then at the bottom we show our percentage.  So if the client wants to do the painting we will take off the painting and they will save also from our margin.  We are not always the least expensive General Contractor out there, however we choose to build quality not quantity.  If you are looking to build a Commercial building or do some commercial remodeling to an existing building, check us out and give Eric Friga a call today @417-887-7134.

Name That Mood

, NewsName That Mood. I mean, what mood do you want your business clientele to leave your office or business with?  Do you want repeat business, most would say yes.  If you want them to feel excited like they just purchased a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, then you have to give them that feeling.  I don’t mean give them the car.  I mean give them that excited type of feeling when they leave your business or the best feeling you deem necessary for a repeat client.  A professional can only do so much, the other is up to the image you leave in the clients’ mind.  By image, I mean the appearance of your building, your office, or your factory.  A lot has to do with appearance in business.  Example:  Are you more likely to shop at an outdated store or a new store.  Kmart is an excellent example of how not to run your business.  They have not had a face lift in over 25 years, everyone else keeps updating and changing.

, NewsThink about the perception of the client and the experience that you give them.  The nicer the facility, usually the more people feel comfortable and the more they are willing to pay more for items just because of the experience.  Look at Bass Pro Shops, they are all about the experience, decorations galore, yet you will not leave out of there without spending the full MSRP for the items.  I usually leave happy after a purchase, my wife not necessarily.

, NewsThink outside the box, a dental, medical, or other type of office, try modern ceiling designs or wall designs.  Architect’s are ideal for this updated creativity.  An easy detail that attracts clients, adding an aquarium, saltwater aquariums are ideal, but expensive.  They are unique, they give clients a “cool, you don’t normally see that kind of thing” experience.  I have noticed small businesses must address the “Image Look or they will be run over by competitors.  Our construction company is no different.  If you don’t stay current, you become irrelevant, unfortunately.  As a business you must keep changing/adapting, sometimes that means changing your building.  If you are needing a building change, then give us a call @ 417-887-7134 ask for Randy.  We can help, I try to keep us socially updated, my dad, not so much.  However, he is a pro at helping clients cut unnecessary costs on projects.  He is definitely a creative thinker, which helps out in dealing with architects and creative designs.

99 Problems but a New Building Should Not Be One

, NewsA business owner has at least 99 problems, but building a new building should not be one.  I mean if you build a new building, it should last for a long-time and be fairly trouble-free.  However, if you just go by low-cost numbers then there could be potential problems down the line.  There are certain things people can do to save money upfront, but they can create issues overtime.  If there are issues for potential long-term issues we try to point them out or adjust the building design, so there is no issues later on.  To us, the building stands like our reputation, if it fell apart, that would look very bad on us.  So we try to anticipate future issues. We let our clients know of long-term and short-term savings they can achieve with their new building without causing potential problems later on.

, NewsLOCATION.  Location helps with the value of the building.  You wouldn’t want to build this new building in a bad part of town or in a high crime area.  It also helps stand you apart from the others.   If the location is not that great then you will most likely you will have to spend more on advertising to attract business.  Of course most business owners would prefer prime real estate, however you will have to do your due diligence on what the increase of revenue would bring.  A million dollar lot would be prime, but is the area the lot is located in your target audience?  If you are looking for commercial properties check out Ron Stenger, Murney & Associates, Bill Beal, or the Plaza Realty.

Design build is the way to go.  By choosing a contractor then an architect, the contractor can help you through the process and provide valuable information.  Such as ways to save money upfront, but also can give recommendations of helpful design details that can prevent issues further on down the road.  Issues like, ways to prevent oil canning on metal wall panels, ways to prevent future water leak issues, minimizing maintenance of equipment, and so on.  If you are building multiple locations, efficiency is the key in your building, setup, workstations, offices, or other.  Figure out what you need for efficiency and what you can be adaptable to.  I’m not saying build your building like all of the others.  You should have a design that is unique and appealing not just utilitarian.  Working with a contractor will give you insight in where you might be able to save some money.  Also where you might spend more up front, so you can save more later on.

, NewsEnergy efficiency is the way to be, use LED’s vs CFL.  LEDs usually mean fewer changes in bulbs and are more efficient.  They do cost more upfront usually, but they pay off long-term.  Try to pick out light fixtures that require less maintenance and less special order light bulbs.  Some light fixtures require certain styles  of bulbs that are special order, even at supply houses like Harry Cooper Supply.  Unless you stock those bulbs, you will have to order one every time one goes out.  If you have multiple locations that just turns out to be a headache that is not needed.  A more efficient HVAC unit is ideal, half of the time, personnel turn the thermostat to 65 degrees in the summer and 75 in the winter.   Needless to say unless you lock the thermostat, a more efficient system will help you in the long run.  You can also choose different types of glass and tinting, depending on your building.  A tinted exterior glass can help lower the utility bills.  There are several “Green” types of products that also have commercial applications and they can make your building more efficient and environmentally friendly.  Go with solar panels, to help with offsetting high usage equipment or use it for night-time lighting.  There are many features building owners can choose that are durable and help save money later on.

, NewsBuilding smart is better in the long-term versus doing things just to save money.  Cutting costs in construction can impact the long-term cost of the building.  I know there are buildings locally that were built within 10 years ago and they are already replacing windows, doors, and flooring.  Partly because they built the buildings with cheaper materials and they do not last as long.   It’s no different than if you bought something at Bass Pro Shops  or O’Reilly’s.  It will cost more upfront however, it will most likely last longer than if you bought the same thing at Wal-Mart.  Most people do not think about the future issues, they just look at cost.  Cost is important, however, building smart is the best way and the way to save money down the road.  So when you are ready to build, look no further than Friga Construction.  We have been building for over 30 years, give us a call @417-887-7134 or check us out online  Friga Construction ” where your visions become reality.”



Who’s the Boss?

Who’s the boss of your project?  I mean do you want to run it or pay someone who knows how?  There are some people who might think being their own general contractor will be cheaper and fairly , Newseasy.  As a General Contractor , we have found that being in charge of construction projects are not necessarily easy.  Just thinking, all you have to do is call the subcontractors and make sure they show up is a recipe for issues.  Just because we make the project go smoothly or look easy, doesn’t mean it is.  There is a lot of issues with a construction project that most people don’t know about. Regardless if it is a commercial or residential project all construction projects have their own skill level required to run them.

You have your location & know what you want.  First you get an Architect,  you tell them what you want.  They design it accordingly to your requirements & city codes & regulations.  Second they send it off to the city for review.  The city plan reviewers, look over it & might pass it or require more to meet the regulations.  Next, you get your plans, you notice certain things in it that you do not want or need.  You might decide to build it like you want regardless of the drawing.  However, you do that then you must get an addendum from the Architect for each change or the building inspectors will fail it.  Regardless, you decide that you can save money being your own contractor, so you move into the next phase

It’s easy until you get started.  The moment the first nail or stake gets driven, the project becomes its own project. Do not think this is a side project or weekend project, because that will result in issues at the beginning.  The excavator has grade issues with the city streets, the plans are not correct to the actual layout.  So you have to work the issues out , then you move on a week or two later.  The soil engineer has issues with compaction, they will require pad stabilization, you have to work out that issue.  The pad is ready, here comes the plumber and electrician with a new set of issues.  The way the plans are versus the way the sewer, water. & gas are, are sometimes different.  Everyday there are a new set of problems you face with your project.  Being a General Contractor in business over 40 years we still deal with issues with inspections.   Sometimes it seems every new project, the inspectors are always coming up with something new or different just to keep you on your toes.  , News

You finally get the steel or wood framing done and next comes the drywall and no issues so far.  If there were problems they are gone now…& so you may think.  , NewsDoes everything meet ADA standards & do they meet occupational code standards.  The inspectors have not said anything about this so far, so why worry?  They will bring it up if it is an issue, regardless if they haven’t told you it may be an issue, you may or may not get the same inspector for the whole project.  Next step is usually correcting the last step if not done right, that could mean redoing finished work.  Next up the paint goes on, the trim work, & misc finish work goes on.  Time for the final inspection, the occupancy inspection.  It’s the most critical one.  Do I have the right signage, the ADA compliance, the labeling on the electrical panel, fire suppression, & so on?    Being a General Contractor is not for the faint of heart, it’s harder than it looks.  All the time this project is going on, you will have to constantly check and call the “subs” to make sure they are showing up and doing what is required.   More often than not, after a client chooses to be their own General Contractor the next time they have a project, they find a General Contractor that is affordable & knows what they’re doing, like Friga Construction Co.

Dealing with the city governments or counties can be a major issue in itself.  After being in business for over 40 years we still have issues with inspectors and plan reviewers requiring new requirements on projects.  Each inspector has his or her interpretation of the codes & how the building is being built.  Regardless the mood the inspector is in, you would hope they would work with you to get your new business or business expansion open.  I recently talked to a Springfield city council member about the building department and its deficiencies as far as its lack in efficiencies &  he said “we are working on it one step at a time.”  I guess that’s progress in city terms.  IF you have a project that needs to be built, don’t leave it to yourself to figure out, call Friga Construction Co. @ 417-887-7134.  We offer less pain and more gain in your next building project.

Image is Everything

, NewsThere are those that say image is not that important, they’re wrong, image is everything.  Would you rather go into an older looking shopping center, mall, office, etc. or a new building?  More people than not, would rather go into a newer & more modern place to do business.  One might think just because it’s new doesn’t mean it is already better.  It has to fit in with the times, usually it means brighter lighting, unique modern exterior look, a cleaner look inside & not jammed pack with merchandise.  Architects can go more into detail of what is current & stylish today.  My main focus is pointing out what could you do to improve your sales from a building standpoint.

, NewsLike I said before, just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s better.  It needs to fit with your business, how do you want to be viewed towards your future or current clients?  A law office most likely won’t have the same style of building as say a Cox Health Clinic.  As goes with a Keller Williams office building won’t look like a telemarketers’.  Try to step back & look at how your business might look to people.  Do you see where you can improve?  Most people do not even think that the building or office they work in has an effect on their clients or customers, but it does.

, NewsThere is the cost to improve your office or building’s image. It might require you to look at building a new building or remodeling your current one.  Look at it this way, do you have enough business that you do not need new clientele?  What is the potential for new clients or customers with a remodeled office or new building?  Building new can be more expensive than just remodeling a current building or office.  Then again it can go the other way as well, it just depends on what you want to do.  , NewsEither way you can make energy efficiency improvements to save on overhead.

Nowadays everyone has to stay current or you fall behind the competition in each & every business.  The building in which you do business is no different.  Does the Fazolis down the road look more inviting than your italian restaurant.  Is a newer or updated Holiday Inn across town, more traveler friendly than your hotel & so on.  If you do decide you need to update or build a new building, give Friga Construction a call @ 417-887-7134 or check us out @  Talk to Randy, if you don’t know how to proceed, he will work with you to get you through the process.  We are a local family owned business that has been in business for over 40 years.  Our excellent reputation is one of the reasons we are the Springfield’s Best Commercial Contractor.  Always remember @ Friga Construction “your visions become reality.”


Are Your Windows a Clear Choice?

, NewsAre Your Windows a Clear Choice?  I mean do you know the differences in the different windows and window manufactures?  Most people do not, they see a window for what it is.  It’s clear and protects the inside of the home from the elements.  Well, there is a lot more to a window than meets the eye.

, NewsWindows have come along way from what they used to be.  The older windows consisted of wood frame & sashes with single pane glass with weights.   Overtime the windows aged by rotting if the painting wasn’t kept up.  The energy efficiency performance of the old windows are extremely low.  If that stuff didn’t bother you then try operating them after 40 years of being painted, a lot of them are painted shut.  Things changed, the industry noticed the importance in the efficiency of doors and windows.  I have seen testing on new windows where they shot a 2×4 through it, to see if meets certain new requirements.   There are many choices of windows and brands to choose from, which one should you choose?  I would say it depends on what you want in the window.  Do you want the best there is?  Is interior or exterior colors important to match?  Cost is usually a factor.  How efficient do you want it and so on.

The options vary on each brand of window, however there are some standards offered by all manufacturers.  For instance, they will ask you if you want a vinyl or wood window.  Vinyl is usually cheaper & you can have some of the benefits of the wood windows, such as Low E glass, double pane, with grills.  Low maintenance, longevity, & efficiency.  The wood windows are more sturdy, they don’t warp or sag like vinyl can.  You can get more color options & wood interior choices.  The efficiency, longevity, & resale value are there as well.  There are different types of glass that you can get, some offer a double pane Low E glass which is efficient & there are some that offer more panes such as a three pane.  Most people go with the double pane and don’t spring for the extra cost on the added glass panes.  There are some neat features that manufactures offer as well.  For example, blinds inside the glass or storm proofing such as Andersen Window’s StormWatch.  The wood windows and doors today are either wrapped in vinyl or metal so the wood doesn’t touch the elements.

, NewsAndersenPella, & Marvin are the some of the biggest names in residential & commercial windows & doors.  Each manufacture has their own high & low-end products.  You should choose which brand you believe is going to make you happy over the long run.  However, we are an Andersen Certified Installer, which means we know how to install them properly & we give a two-year installation warranty on their windows & doors.  We tend to lean toward Andersen as the brand we use, but everyone has their own preference.  Each manufacture has their specific way they recommend to install their window.  However, there is a set pattern all of them follow.  Installing windows & doors correctly plays a major part in how the window or door functions.  Nowadays, installers & builders must meet these new requirements.  If they don’t meet the requirements of the window or door manufacture & the window fails.  The manufacture says, sorry the installer installed them incorrectly & the warranty is void.  That would make anyone mad.  You are buying the installation as much as you’re buying the window or door.  The correct installation means you have a manufactures warranty.

Your window & door checklist should go as follows:  What do I want or expect in the product; price, efficiency, colors, & etc.? Do I want vinyl or wood windows?  Choose a manufacturer who you feel is what you want.  Who is my installer; the cheapest or Certified by the manufacturer to make sure you get your warranty?

, News

Just because you are getting a new house or remodel doesn’t mean your windows or doors are going to be what you want.  Make sure you find out the details and choose accordingly.  Windows and doors are a really big part of efficiency, which means how much money is saved.  Like I stated before you are buying the installation as much as the window.  We are an Certified Andersen Window & Door Installer, we have been through their hands on training in Minnesota (granted it was in February, I had never saw trucks drive across a frozen 80 ft river before then).  We have insurance, a member of Springfield’s Home Builders Association, & are a member of Springfield’s Best.  Give us a call @ 417-887-7134.

Is your Deck up to Spec?

, NewsHave you wondered if your deck is up to spec?  Does it meet the current building codes?  If it is 7 to 10 years old then probably not.  We have had several clients who had scary decks before we took them down and built new ones.  Some of the decks couldn’t hold more than two or so people at one time.  Some shook when you would walk on them.  Some had to have temporary bracing so it didn’t collapse.  If you have a deck and that sounds similar, then you could potentially have problems.

, News

Most people don’t even give it a second thought of their deck collapsing.  People need to look at the warning signs such as those mentioned above.  Even if your deck seems to be fine, but is older, you must check certain things on them to make sure you’re not setting yourself up for a lawsuit later in life with friends.  Let me give you a checklist of sorts to go by to check out your deck to avoid problems.

The Checklist:

  1.  Check the first row of deck boards closest to the home.  If they have rot, that is not a good sign.  Right below that board is the ledger and it should have flashing.
  2. Check the ledger board, Check for rot, check for minimum 1/2in lag bolts every 12 to 16 inches.  If you do have rot or just nails holding the ledger on, the ledger is vulnerable to failing.
  3. Check the posts, do they have rot on the bottom, are they fastened to the ground or concrete.
  4. Check the stairs make sure no rot is found.
  5. The deck boards should be free of rot or curling.  You don’t want a trip hazard or fall through the deck.
  6. Check to see if the deck is warping, such as sagging in the middle.
  7. Check hand rails and pickets to ensure rigidity so no one falls off the deck leaning on it., News
As a rule of measure I will give you some of the major points on the decks we build today:
1. 6×6 posts for support with no more than 8 ft. spacing.
2. Minimum 2×10 joists for smaller spans, also they have to have joist hangers.
3. The spacing on the joists are 16 inches max.
4. The stairs usually have 4 stringers  and are made out of a 2×12, (they hold the stair treads)Maximum 7 inches tall.
5. The ledger has flashing behind it and the ledger lag bolts are 1/2in  spaced in between each joists  in a certain pattern.
6. Then posts are on a post base fastened to a concrete pier and notched to the deck band boards.
7. The hand rail varies, but cabling or picket spacing can not be more than 4 inches in between.
 , News
After learning of a local homeowner that had a deck collapse from KY3 news in Springfield, MO. This needs to be known to all homeowners with decks.  The Home Builders Association has names of local professionals that can evaluate your deck if you are concerned.  If your deck sounds similar to what is currently built, then you should have nothing to worry about.  If you do have a deck that is a problem or need to change the way it looks, then give us a call  @ 417-887-7134 to set up an appointment.  We are Friga Construction Co., Inc. “where you’re visions become reality.” 

Race to find Space

, News Are you in a race to find space?  Are you constantly buying things and don’t know where to put them, then here is a blog for you.  Many people buy things and they buy it thinking they’ll use it, need it, or just like the way it looks.  You might think you have to spend a lot to create some space, but there are  other ideas that make space from unused space.  You can go on pinterest and find many ideas, you might find one the can work for you.  Of course, we like the other way of creating space by remodeling, business or home additions, or simply building a new bigger building.   , NewsThe ideas can be quite clever, such as the dog house or room under the staircase.  A great idea that incorporates unused and usually wasted space.  It’s also not that expensive to do.  Creating cabinets out of the stairs is also a neat idea, however, it would be a little more expensive.  There are many ideas of utilizing wasted space under staircases.  The next area to save some space is the bathroom, yes that’s right, you’re bathroom.  The different ideas range from organizers in existing cabinets all the way to building a hidden closet drawer behind your tub. , NewsTo save space in the kitchen you can turn cabinets into a pantry system, instead of have to build a new pantry.  The garage usually has space above your car.  You can use tote bins, label them and hold everything from Christmas decorations to sports equipment. , News  Hopefully this gives you some incite into finding creative ways to free up some space that would otherwise have went wasted.  However, if you need that other method such as adding on space give us a call we can help you out, just check out our website and give us a call.

Build New or just Renew.

Should I build new or just renew an existing building or home?  That is a question that comes up a lot in business owners’ and homeowners’ minds.  By renew, we mean remodeling an existing building or home.  Remodeling might entail an addition for more space or just an update or face lift.  This blog will go over the pluses and minuses of building new versus remodeling. , News Building new has its advantages and disadvantages.  The advantages of building a new buildi, Newsng like an O’Reilly’s, Comfort Inn, etc. are; a new appearance, usually less maintenance, can be a better location, more efficient, and most people enjoy shopping or staying in a newer building.  Which could mean more revenue for your business.  The Disadvantages of a new building versus a remodeled building are; can be more expensive, higher costs do not guarantee a more profitable return.  The hassle of dealing with a city or county on zoning issues, stormwater drainage, and impact fees. If you know you want to build new and just need a property to look at, Murney & Associates or Plaza Realty can be a place to look.

, News    The advantages of a remodeled or addition on to an existing building are; usually cheaper than building new.  If you have a existing business running in that location, you can usually keep it open when the building is getting remodeled.  You usually do not have to get the city or county zoning involved, just the plan reviewers and inspectors.  The Disadvantages of remodeling are; Sometimes a city or county makes you upgrade the electrical, plumbing, or hvac to current codes.

Building a new home has a lot of advantages.  You can live where you want, build what you want.  Make it more efficient from the start.  Include new technologies in the structure, storm room, alarm system, vacuum  system, and home automation.  Everything will be new and updated.  There is of course a down side to new as well.  You have to buy the lot and it’s harder for financing.  Everything will have to meet current codes.    Remodeling is what a lot of homeowners choose to do, it’s advantages are; live in the same home where you are familiar with neighbors and the neighborhood.  Make your home how you want it.  Cheaper than building new, depending on what is being upgraded.  On the flipside, remodeling a home has its disadvantages.  You live in your home while its being remodeled.  Inconvenience of not being able to use the certain areas being remodeled.  It can cost more than you think, you would never believe how some homes were built years ago.

It all boils down to the individual and what he or she wants and can afford.  At Friga Construction Co., we build what our clients want.  If you want to remodel your home or business, we will try to make it less inconvenient as possible & give the clients ideas to make your dream a reality & the Meeks Design Center helps.  If you want to build new, we can direct you to an architect and work with you through the whole process.  Remember we are “where your visions become reality.”  Give us a call today., News

Maintenance Free Home? Ideas for free.

Have you ever heard of a maintenance free home?  Most people would laugh at the thought.  Thinking you are selling ever sharp kitchen knifes or always clean dishes.  A maintenance free home is becoming closer to reality.  The products I’ve listed are longer lasting and more durable than products of back in the day.  You must tackle this challenge by getting a game plan together.  Step 1.  Think about what is your maintenance issues in the interior and on the exterior of  your home. Step 2. Make a list for interior and for exterior.

, News                                                                                                 , News

Interior maintenance issues usually include countertops, flooring, painting, and fixtures.  Countertops: Corian or solid surface countertops are a very popular choice.  They are fairly easy to fix scratches, many colors, and easy to clean.  Another popular choice is granite countertops.  They are easy to clean, nice colors, and it’s hard to scratch.  Of course, as with anything that is usually easier and less maintenance, it tends to be more expensive.    However, they typically last longer and bring better home sale values.

, News

Flooring:  Laminate flooring is very popular and requires less maintenance than carpets.  There are many color choices and they resist scratching very well.  Painting:  Sherwin Williams has some new latex paints that make cleaning splatters of food or whatever on walls easier and it hides previous dark colors with one coat.  Fixtures:  There are a multitude of fixtures out there that claim to be under warranty and cheap.  However, there’s a catch, you might be fixing that faucet once a year.  Sure it’s cheaper, but the hassle of fixing it is a pain.  Opt for brands like Kohler, Moen, and Delta and shop at plumbing supply stores for the better quality.  There are different models for Lowes and Home Depot stores.

Exterior maintenances issues, there are many, however I will address the three biggest issues:  Windows, Siding, and Roofing.  Windows:  Not all windows are created equal and each brand holds its own claims.  I am a big believer in Andersen windows and doors as a great product.  One, because we are a Certified Andersen window installer and I have seen the testing and the longevity of the windows.  Pella does make great windows as well as I’m sure Marvin does.  You want to pick a higher grade of window and one with Low E or better of glass for efficiency.  Siding:  Vinyl siding, Hardie siding, and prefinished metal siding.  Vinyl is easy to clean, however is more brittle with age and weed eaters usually like to bust the bottom row.  Hardie siding is becoming more common like brick.  It can be unfinished or prefinished for long durability.  Metal Siding durable, has several colors, and it lasts a very long time.

Roofing:  Architectural shingles are becoming the more popular choice in roofing.  They last longer than 3 tab shingles and look better.  Metal roofing can last a very long time when properly installed.  However, it is not typical on homes.  They are always coming out with new products for roofing.  They have some roofing materials that are composite and last longer than shingles.  There is a newer shingle that is supposed to be more energy efficient by reducing the heat from the roof.

If you are having issues with maintenance in your home or business, give us a call.  We can fix your maintenance issues and give ideas about which product is best suited for you.  If this article still leaves you lost about maintenance free products, do an online search for maintenance free home products.  If you do know what you want then give us a call at Friga Construction, “where visions become reality.”