Ralph Friga – Vice President

Ralph Friga

Vice President

“Officially” retired from day to day operations. Ralph is a long time resident of southeast Missouri.

In 1985, moved to Springfield, MO with his wife, Leona. Ralph started Friga Construction Co., Inc. with their son, Randy.

The original name of Friga Construction Co., Inc. was Ralph Friga General Construction, but was changed after it was incorporated. Ralph oversaw the company’s first projects in Cape Girardeau, MO at the home of the President of Southeast Missouri State.

From that small start, Ralph helped catapult the company into building projects that are well known landmarks throughout Missouri.

We are fortunate enough to have Ralph occasionally consult and work on projects the company has underway. Ralph spends most of his time in Cape Girardeau, MO and he has been seen all over the Missouri area doing what he can to help others.

His days are not idle by any means. He still has other his projects in Cape Girardeau. He spends time with his wife, Leona, visits their son, Steven Friga who lives in Virginia and fishes and hunts countless hours in Scott County.

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