Eric Friga – President

Eric Friga


Eric Friga is the President of Friga Construction Co., Inc.

Eric is from Springfield, MO and has grown up in the Ozarks.  He graduated Republic High School in 2000, studied at Ozark Technical College, and studied Business Administration at Drury University in Springfield, Mo.  He currently holds various certifications relating to the construction industry.  Having “grown up” in this industry and learning the art of the trade from his grandfather and father.  He is quite experienced in construction.  Starting the trade from the ground up, to running projects at the age of 19 years old, then to becoming President of the company before 40 years old.  He has distinguished himself as an industry expert and promoter of the industry.

Friga Construction Company was founded by his father (Randy) and his grandfather (Ralph).  The company is a 3rd generation family business and Eric has grown up with it since its beginning.  Ralph taught Eric his trade skills in construction, and Randy taught Eric the business side of the company.  Ralph was very “old school” and had over 40 years of construction experience.  Randy had over 30 years in business/estimating/project management experience.  So, Eric learned from the “pro’s”, one can say.  Needless to say, a teenager learning the skills of the trade from his grandfather wasn’t ideal for the teenager.  Fortunately, there was a grandmother to “hear the other side.”  Regardless, he got through it and while there were “slow times” in the schedule.  Randy would have Eric learn estimating during these slow times.  Eric learned many roles, while helping run the family business.

Eric has been company president since 2016 and pressing on with the company’s excellent reputation since then.  Eric looks at every project like it is his own.  Which he focuses on making sure there is great quality and customer service with every project.  Each project is unique, and every customer has certain expectations.  Eric often tells clients “you’re not spending the type of money to buy a Ford, but spending money to buy a Mercedes.”  So, the customer service should be on par as such.  That way of thinking is one reason Eric stands out from the pack and is another reason we keep him around.

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