Eric Friga – President

Eric Friga


Eric Friga is the President of Friga Construction Co., Inc.

He started at an early age learning the construction trade from his grandfather and father. At the age of 19, Eric started running commercial construction projects. He learned the trade from his father and grandfather. He continued to run most of the larger projects Friga Construction has done. He also oversaw most other projects, to make sure the quality and reliability were there that everyone depends on Friga Construction for. Eric learned estimating and the office side of construction about 6 years later. Eric has attended Drury University for Business Administration and Ozark Technical College. Eric has several different certifications related to the construction industry. Eric changing positions as president of Friga Construction makes sure the quality, expertise, and our excellent clientele business relationship does not falter.

Friga Construction’s direction is to maintain excellent client satisfaction in commercial and industrial construction. We are a General Contractor that specializes in commercial construction. Randy was a great business man, that ran the company for most of the time. However, about 6-8 years ago Randy got more focused on donating time and materials to Haiti. While he continued to visit Haiti, Eric ran day to day operations while he was gone. Which meant Eric has always been very much involved with the corporate side of the business. If you are looking build a commercial project or remodel an existing building, feel free to give Eric a call at Friga Construction.

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