Maintenance Free Home? Ideas for free.

Maintenance Free Home by Friga INC

Maintenance Free Home? Ideas for free.

Have you ever heard of a maintenance free home? Most people would laugh at the thought. Thinking you are selling ever sharp kitchen knifes or always clean dishes. A maintenance free home is becoming closer to reality. The products I’ve listed are longer lasting and more durable than products of back in the day. You must tackle this challenge by getting a game plan together. Step 1. Think about what is your issues in the interior and  exterior for your Maintenance free home. Step 2. Make a list for interior and for exterior.

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Interior maintenance issues usually include countertops, flooring, painting, and fixtures. Countertops: Corian or solid surface countertops are a very popular choice. They are fairly easy to fix scratches, many colors, and easy to clean. Another popular choice is granite countertops. They are easy to clean, nice colors, and it’s hard to scratch. Of course, as with anything that is usually easier and less maintenance free home, it tends to be more expensive. However, they typically last longer and bring better home sale values.

Flooring: Laminate flooring is very popular for maintenance free home and requires less maintenance than carpets. There are many color choices and they resist scratching very well. Painting: Sherwin Williams has some new latex paints that make cleaning splatters of food or whatever on walls easier and it hides previous dark colors with one coat. Fixtures: There are a multitude of fixtures out there that claim to be under warranty and cheap. However, there’s a catch, you might be fixing that faucet once a year. Sure it’s cheaper, but the hassle of fixing it is a pain. Opt for brands like Kohler, Moen, and Delta and shop at plumbing supply stores for the better quality. There are different models for Lowes and Home Depot stores.

Exterior maintenances issues, there are many, however I will address the three biggest issues for Maintenance free home: Windows, Siding, and Roofing. Windows: Not all windows are created equal and each brand holds its own claims. I am a big believer in Andersen windows and doors as a great product. One, because we are a Certified Andersen window installer and I have seen the testing and the longevity of the windows. Pella does make great windows as well as I’m sure Marvin does. You want to pick a higher grade of window and one with Low E or better of glass for efficiency. Siding: Vinyl siding, Hardie siding, and prefinished metal siding. Vinyl is easy to clean, however is more brittle with age and weed eaters usually like to bust the bottom row. Hardie siding is becoming more common like brick. It can be unfinished or prefinished for long durability. Metal Siding durable, has several colors, and it lasts a very long time.

Roofing: Architectural shingles are becoming the more popular choice in roofing. They last longer than 3 tab shingles and look better. Metal roofing can last a very long time when properly installed. However, it is not typical on homes. They are always coming out with new products for roofing. They have some roofing materials that are composite and last longer than shingles. There is a newer shingle that is supposed to be more energy efficient by reducing the heat from the roof.

If you are having issues with maintenance in your home or business, give us a call. We can fix your maintenance issues and give ideas about which product is best suited for maintenance free home. If this article still leaves you lost about maintenance free products, do an online search for maintenance free home products. If you do know what you want then give us a call 417-887-7134 at Friga Construction, “where visions become reality.”

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