10 Must-Haves for a Luxury Kitchen

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10 Must-Haves for a Luxury Kitchen

So, Yahoo recently posted a link about the 10 must-haves for a luxury kitchen. There are probably 8 on the list that I would personally love to have in my dream kitchen remodeling…maybe one day.

1. Wall ovens –>

I love to bake and I love baking multiple things at the same time because I get in a baking funk and want to make 12 dozen cookies, a pie, cinnamon rolls, a three tiered cake, and baked spaghetti all in one afternoon. The bad thing about it now is that I only have one oven. Also, it can get tricky trying to get the small children and possibly fur kids out of the kitchen when you are needing to get something out of the oven and it’s a thousand degrees and you are trying to hold them back with your foot while maneuvering the heavy oven door, and get your huge pan of deliciousness out of the oven. Now imagine….what if you had two separate ovens that were in the wall and not sitting on the floor? That is possible and it is an amazing thought. They also have ovens that can be controlled through a wireless connection with your smart phone by kitchen remodeling. Holy smokes. That is amazing. I could go on and on and ovens….but I will move on to number two.

2. Exotic wood countertops –>

I am sure having some awesome, exotic wood countertops would look magnificent. I still love the whole granite look so this is not exactly on my wish list for my dream luxury kitchen remodeling….but I am sure that if I seen a color that I loved, I might change my mind.

3. Super quiet dishwashers –>

What is that? My dishwasher sounds like a monster destroying my kitchen. I can hear every single different cycle it goes through. Sometimes at night when I turn it on and forget that I did and I’m laying in bed attempting to fall asleep when I hear horrible, scary noises coming from the kitchen. I grab something heavy and prepare myself to fight off a team of burglars until I realize that it is just the dishwasher doing its thing…just extremely loud with extra scary noises added in when the lights go off. It knows when everyone goes to bed. Anyway, they make these dishwashers that are super quiet after kitchen remodeling. Like so quiet you do not even know they are on. Also, they have a ton of features; like a small load option. My old dishwasher is all or nothing. I go days with all of my silverware dirty, sitting in the dishwasher but I don’t want to waste turning on the dishwasher for my whole drawer of silverware, two cups, and a plate. How I manage that, I’m still unsure but it happens and you know exactly what I am talking about. But with the new dishwashers you could opt for a half load option, saving water and getting all that silverware clean so you don’t have to eat your bowl of soup with a huge ladle.

4. Induction cooktops –>

I am still up in the air about this being on my wish list for my dream kitchen. It sounds amazing and I know that if I would cook more on the stove top that I would probably want this in a heart beat. But I am more of a baker at the present time. But these induction cook tops offer precise temperature control. They also heat up more quickly than gas and electric cook tops. I’m a fan of gas cook tops because they heat up so fast and I feel like I cut my cooking time in half. However, these induction tops get hot more quickly than a gas cook top, which completely blows my mind. I could cut my cooking time down even more. Amazing. I don’t have any other words for this.

5. Built in refrigerators –>

I love food. But my problem is where to store all the food that I buy. My freezer space is sad; I don’t even want to talk about it. The fridge space is a little better but I find myself challenging my stacking skills. Not to mention that my fridge is like an icky off white color. But once I have my dream kitchen remodeling, I will have a custom built in refrigerator. They offer some serious storage space, plus they are so beautiful because they match your kitchen perfectly. They can be made to look like your cabinets and it just blends in so well.

cannot wait to design my luxury kitchen one day in the future and make it what I want it to be. I spend a lot of my time in the kitchen and I should be happy with it. It should be functional and only aid you in creating whatever you create in your kitchen instead of pulling you back and restricting you of your full potential. I will add the other 5 on another day so make sure to stay tuned and keep reading so you don’t miss out on anything. Also, if any of these ideas sound like something that you want contact Friga Construction. We can help you create a kitchen that you will be proud to call your own. A place that you will want to spend your time cooking, baking, etc. instead of dreading having to cook supper because your kitchen is so small and outdated.

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