10 Must-Haves for a Luxury Kitchen Continued….

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Here is the last 5 must-haves for a luxury kitchen…

kitchen remodel

1.Back splashes-

This small cosmetic project can dramatically transform your kitchen. Friga Construction loves to Kitchen remodeling and a nice tiled back splash can bring the whole room together in the end. I’ve seen some stunning kitchen remodeling with only new back splashes and it looked as though their kitchen was transformed into a different room. The picture is just one example that I am absolutely in love with.There is no need to add a back splash to the whole kitchen; just in one target area can make a difference. I could look at the picture all day because it is amazing.

And this is something that Friga could help you with. We are a one call general contractor. Want to do your kitchen remodeling and do not know who to call about cabinets, who to contact for new appliances, where to turn for for the flooring? Call us, once. That’s it and we will help you with everything to create your luxury kitchen remodeling. Are you in love with this back splash as much as I am?? Then make it happen. You should be happy with your home, your kitchen, your life. Plus everyone needs a little sparkle in their life and this back splash does just that.

kitchen remodel

2.Walk in Pantries-

Like I had mentioned in the first post of the 10 must-haves, I love food. My problem is where to store all the food that I feel necessary to buy while grocery shopping.

But I also like to be organized; I want to know exactly where anything I am looking for is placed and I like labeling areas so others know where to put it when they are finished. Most of us have a small closet in the kitchen that we call the pantry but in reality it is just a few shelves behind a small door that is near impossible to keep organized. Stuff you put in the back of the shelves you either forget about because something else is blocking it or when you need it, you have to take 20 boxes of macaroni, Frosted Flakes, and those delicious fiber bars to reach it. Then you throw the fiber bars back in first and forget about them until they are old and stale. Oops. Friga Construction can do kitchen remodeling & a room to accommodate a bigger and better walk in pantry. This picture of the hidden walk in pantry is beautifully done all the way down to the chalkboard paint on the door for convenient shopping lists or to-do’s. Tired of throwing out food because it was lost in the pantry for too long or want some sort of organization? Give Friga a call and we can make your visions become reality.

farm sinks

3.Farm Sinks-

I am IN LOVE with this idea. One day in my dream house that I will be hiring Friga Construction to complete, I will have a farm sink in my luxury kitchen. These sinks are sometimes referred to as apron front sinks and boy are they darling. The front of the sink is exposed instead of sitting behind the cabinets.

Since they are usually just one big basin, they are carved from one material and then the faucets are attached behind the sink; this leads to a smaller chance of leaking. Also, since there is no counter top between you and the sink, there is no additional strain on your back from leaning, even slightly, to do the dishes or give the baby a bath. Give us a call when you have picked out the farm sink you want to complete your kitchen remodeling with; those suckers are heavy and you will want a professional to make sure it is finished right the first time.

eco friendly flooring

4.Eco friendly flooring-

Wait…eco-friendly flooring? Yes. I am not one to sit and lecture others about saving the planet, recycle, reuse, reduce, but that does not mean I do not care. I do what I can, when I can to make sure I do my part for the Earth. When I was reading about eco-friendly flooring, I knew that it was exactly what I would want in my future dream house. I have researched and read through the pros and cons of hardwood flooring versus something like bamboo flooring.Bamboo can grow up to 24 inches in one day and can reach maturity in as little as 3 years.

A tree will need around 20 years to reach full maturity. When bamboo is harvested, the roots do not need to be cut so the plant can keep growing without being replanted.Also, bamboo naturally repels mold and mildew. Plus, it is gorgeous!! I love the natural designs and colors in the picture. So, when you are wanting to upgrade your flooring; hardwood or bamboo, Friga Construction can help. We will be glad to make your home more eco-friendly.

pot fillers

5.Pot Fillers-

Last but certainly not least a must-have for a luxury kitchen is a pot filler. I cook a lot of pasta in my house. Delicious, warm, oodles of noodles-the kiddo loves it. But that means I am filling up a big pot of water at the kitchen sink and hauling it over to the stove top.

Doesn’t seem like too big of a chore, right? Well, over time it can cause problems. Pot fillers reduce back strain caused by hauling heavy pots of water and it also saves time. They can also add a professional touch to your kitchen; tucked nicely behind your stove top. No joke, I have seen a house sell because the elderly couple that was looking to buy noticed one of the houses had a pot filler. That was the deciding factor; the sweet little lady could not carry the heavy pots of water from the sink to the stove and this small fixture made the world of difference to her. Can you even see it in this picture? Some are made to be discreet and small and others are made to make a statement. It all depends on your style.

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