Keeping up with the Jones’

Are you keeping up with the Jones’?  Not your neighbor, but your competitors?  Most business owners tend to focus more on product or service development.  However, corporate franchises, like Fazolis, Uhaul, Hyatt, etc.  have caught on to the fact of keeping their building, restaurant, store, service center and etc., up to date and with a professional commercial remodeling idea’s are very necessary.  Hiring an experienced commercial remodeling company such as Friga will allow you to compete we can provide up to date ideas, a more modern and clean look for a building.  It rings true that customers or clients are more likely to shop or do business in a more architecturally pleasing environment, than an outdated place of business. Older Fazolis Restaurant Newer Updated Fazolis Restaurant

For example, look at fast-food restaurants, hotels, and infill stores.  They remodel every so many years, usually every ten years on hotels and the others very depending on the brand.  Another example is a new grocery store, look at the volume compared to older stores.  People are used to things changing in life.  Same with the business world, keeping the clean and updated look is a must.  Not only does it ring true for a business look, but for the employees working there as well.

 Step outside the box and think about what colors and layout would make you and your workers more productive.Before and After Remodeling a General Retail Store

Your building, store, restaurant, and etc., may not need a total remodel.  It might just need a new paint scheme or layout.  Take a Home Depot, Meeks Lumber, or Menards DIY adventure trip and see what they offer.  There are many ideas to update your business look, without spending a ton of money on a complete overhaul.  Update the lighting, flooring, paint, layout, new counters.  Add some walls or remove some, change the seating/tables, or update the menu.  Make sure it is aesthetically pleasing to your clients or customers and not just to yourself.  Not only does it make it more user friendly for the clients, it changes up your work life.  Considering most business owners tend to spend more than 8 hours a day in their office.

At #frigaco our general contractors have just remodeled our office wall paint, pictures, lighting, remodeled the bathroom, upgraded some office equipment, and resealed the parking lot.  It had been over ten years since the last changeup.  Not only did it update the offices, but we were able to make it more efficient by providing quality work.   Which has helped speed up estimates and the paperwork side of the business  So not only can you save on efficiency, but you can get an updated building.  time is moneyThe efficiency savings can add up to saving you would waste money in the long haul.  More efficient lighting, water-saving devices, more efficient heating and air conditioning, and so on. Friga Construction commercial remodeling and renovation services will add value.

One great place to start looking for ideas is on Pinterest.  Many of our clients check it out because we offer ideas for free.  If you do decide you need help with any of your updates/remodeling, please feel free to contact your local commercial contractor Eric at Friga Construction by Calling 417-887-7134. ask about our renovation services

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