Image is Everything

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Image is Everything

There are those that say image is not that important, they’re wrong, image is everything. Would you rather go into an older looking shopping center, mall, office, etc. or a new building? More people than not, would rather go into a newer & more modern place to do business. One might think just because it’s new doesn’t mean it is already better.It has to fit in with the times, usually it means brighter lighting, unique modern exterior look, a cleaner look inside & not jammed pack with merchandise.

Restaurant  Contractor can go more into detail of what is current & stylish today because image is everything for business. My main focus is pointing out what could you do to improve your sales from a building standpoint.

Like I said before, just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s better. It needs to fit with your business, how do you want to be viewed towards your future or current clients? A law office most likely won’t have the same style of building as say a Cox Health Clinic. As goes with a Keller Williams office building won’t look like a telemarketers’. Try to step back & look at how your business might look to people. Do you see where you can improve? Most people do not even think that the building or office they work in has an effect on their clients or customers, but it does.There is the cost to improve your office or building’s image. It might require you to look at building a new building or remodeling your current one. Look at it this way, do you need good business  in Your Restaurant  than Restaurant Contractor helps you for this.

What is the potential for new clients or customers with a remodeled office or new building because image is everything to grow business. Building new can be more expensive than just remodeling a current building or office. Then again it can go the other way as well, it just depends on what you want to do. Either way you can make energy efficiency improvements to save on overhead.

Nowadays everyone has to stay current or you fall behind the competition in each & every business. Image is everything building in which you do business is no different. Does the Restaurant Contractor build restaurant like it inviting more customers than a Italian restaurant. Is a newer or updated Holiday Inn across town, more traveler friendly than your hotel & so on.

If you do decide you need to update or build a new building, give Friga Construction a call @ 417-887-7134 or check us out @ Talk to Randy, if you don’t know how to proceed, he will work with you to get you through the process. We are a local family owned business that has been in business for over 40 years Our excellent reputation is one of the reasons we are the Springfield’s Best Commercial & Restaurant Contractor. Always remember @ Friga Construction “your visions become reality.”

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