Aging in Place: Home Remodel Ideas

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Aging in Place: Home Remodeling Ideas

In 2030 the number of people aged over 65 will soar to about 72.1 million, or 1 in 5 Americans.

A survey conducted in November 2012 by AARP of 1,616 adults ages 45 and older found that fewer than half of the respondents have a half-bath on the main level of their home, an entrance without steps, door handles that are levers instead of knobs, or doorways that are wider than standard.

Now think about your home or your parent’s house remodeling…is there an entrance to the home without steps? Probably not. Are all the door handles in the house knobs instead of levers? Most likely. How about the hardware on the kitchen cabinets; go take a look at them. Are they small handles and knobs?

kitchen remodeling

kitchen remodel


These are pictures of beautiful kitchens but one thing is similar: the hardware on the cabinets could become a problem to someone aging in their own house remodeling who can no longer have a tight grip on simple things like a cabinet knob. Or there isn’t any hardware on the cabinets at all.

Below are some of the type of hardware that should be installed instead.


window remodeling


There are other things to consider in house remodeling when keeping a parent or elder adult in home to age:

  1. Raising the height of the dishwasher to reduce strain of loading and unloading
  2. Installing a shallow sink, hands free faucet that is mounted on the side and incorporate an anti-scald device to prevent burns
  3. Along with different hardware for cabinets, adding pull out shelves for the lower cabinets and pull down shelves for upper cabinets
  4. Making sure that there is a bathroom on the main level
  5. Moving the laundry room to the main level and making sure there is plenty of space to navigate
  6. Replacing washer and dryer with front loader appliances with large buttons or push knobs
  7. The different flooring throughout the house should be a non-slip surface; remove rugs because of the trip hazards

When you are ready to make some changes to your home or someone else’s house remodeling to make it more aging in place friendly, contact us at Friga Construction. Sometimes the littlest, simplest changes can make all the difference in the world.

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