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Build New or Remodeling Home.

Should I build new or just renew an existing building or home? That is a question that comes up a lot in business owners’ and homeowners’ minds. By renew, we mean remodeling an existing building or home. home Remodeling might entail an addition for more space or just an update or face lift. This blog will go over the pluses and minuses of building new versus remodeling.

Building new has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of building a new building like an O’Reilly’s, Comfort Inn, etc. are; a new appearance, usually less maintenance, can be a better location, more efficient, and most people enjoy shopping or staying in a newer building. Which could mean more revenue for your business. The Disadvantages of a new building versus a home remodeling are; can be more expensive, higher costs do not guarantee a more profitable return. The hassle of dealing with a city or county on zoning issues, stormwater drainage, and impact fees. If you know you want to build new and just need a property to look at, Murney & Associates or Plaza Realty can be a place to look.

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The advantages of a home remodeling are; usually cheaper than building new. If you have a existing business running in that location, you can usually keep it open when the building is getting remodeled. You usually do not have to get the city or county zoning involved, just the plan reviewers and inspectors. The Disadvantages of home remodeling are; Sometimes a city or county makes you upgrade the electrical, plumbing, or hvac to current codes.

Building a new home has a lot of advantages. You can live where you want, build what you want. Make it more efficient from the start. Include new technologies in the structure, storm room, alarm system, vacuum system, and home automation. Everything will be new and updated. There is of course a down side to new as well. You have to buy the lot and it’s harder for financing. Everything will have to meet current codes. home remodeling is what a lot of homeowners choose to do, it’s advantages are; live in the same home where you are familiar with neighbors and the neighborhood. Make your home how you want it. Cheaper than building new, depending on what is being upgraded. On the flipside, remodeling a home has its disadvantages. You live in your home while its being remodeled. Inconvenience of not being able to use the certain areas being remodeled. It can cost more than you think, you would never believe how some homes were built years ago.

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It all boils down to the individual and what he or she wants and can afford. At Friga Construction Co., we build what our clients want. If you want home remodeling, we will try to make it less inconvenient as possible & give the clients ideas to make your dream a reality & the Meeks Design Center helps. If you want to build new, we can direct you to an architect and work with you through the whole process.

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