Why Hire a Professional??

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Why Hire a Professional??

Warm weather is slowly approaching and maybe you are thinking about doing some renovations around the house. You’ve been watching some YouTube videos about how to install a new vanity in the bathroom and possibly upgrading the toilet to a brand that is more energy efficient. Good for you; you are trying to do some remodeling yourself because you think it will save money, right? Well unless you know exactly what you are doing, you might be better off hiring a general contractor to help out. We can help you stay on budget, within a specific time frame, and we will make sure the task is finished correctly the first time. Friga Construction can help with the small projects around the house or even the big stuff by our professional. We are a one call general contractor who can work throughout SW Missouri. Contact us today.


Can’t reach the toilet paper?

At least they made it work…


Epic Fail

So if you want to remodel a room and want someone professional, give Friga Construction a call. Please don’t try to renovate if you do not know what you’re doing or if you have tried in the past and it turned out like these pictures. 417-887-7134

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