Who’s the Boss?

General Contractor- Friga INC

Who’s the boss of your project?

I mean do you want to run it or pay someone who knows how? There are some people who might think being their own general contractor will be cheaper and fairly easy. As a Contractor , we have found that being in charge of construction projects are not necessarily easy. Just thinking, all you have to do is call the subcontractors and make sure they show up is a recipe for issues. Just because we make the project go smoothly or look easy, doesn’t mean it is.

There is a lot of issues with a construction project that most people don’t know about. Regardless if it is a commercial or residential project all construction projects have their own skill level required to run through  contractor.

You have your location & know what you want. First you get an Architect, you tell them what you want. They design it accordingly to your requirements & city codes & regulations. Second they send it off to the city for review. The city plan reviewers, look over it & might pass it or require more to meet the regulations. Next, you get your plans, you notice certain things in it that you do not want or need. You might decide to build it like you want regardless of the drawing. However, you do that then you must get an addendum from the Architect for each change or the building inspectors will fail it. Regardless, you decide that you can save money being your own contractor, so you move into the next phase It’s easy until you get started. The moment the first nail or stake gets driven, the project becomes its own project. Do not think this is a side project or weekend project, because that will result in issues at the beginning. The excavator has grade issues with the city streets, the plans are not correct to the actual layout.

So you have to work the issues out , then you move on a week or two later. The soil engineer has issues with compaction, they will require pad stabilization, you have to work out that issue. The pad is ready, here comes the plumber and electrician with a new set of issues. The way the plans are versus the way the sewer, water. & gas are, are sometimes different. Everyday there are a new set of problems you face with your project. Being a Contractor in business over 40 years we still deal with issues with inspections. Sometimes it seems every new project, the inspectors are always coming up with something new or different just to keep you on your toes.

You finally get the steel or wood framing done and next comes the drywall and no issues so far. If there were problems they are gone now…& so you may think. Does everything meet ADA standards & do they meet occupational code standards. The inspectors have not said anything about this so far, so why worry? They will bring it up if it is an issue, regardless if they haven’t told you it may be an issue, you may or may not get the same inspector for the whole project. Next step is usually correcting the last step if not done right, that could mean redoing finished work. Next up the paint goes on, the trim work, & misc finish work goes on. Time for the final inspection, the occupancy inspection. It’s the most critical one. Do I have the right signage, the ADA compliance, the labeling on the electrical panel, fire suppression, & so on? Being a Contractor is not for the faint of heart, it’s harder than it looks. All the time this project is going on, you will have to constantly check and call the “subs” to make sure they are showing up and doing what is required. More often than not, after a client chooses to be their own Contractor the next time they have a project, they find a Contractor that is affordable & knows what they’re doing, like Friga Construction Co.

Dealing with the city governments or counties can be a major issue in itself. After being in business for over 40 years we still have issues with inspectors and plan reviewers requiring new requirements on projects. Each inspector has his or her interpretation of the codes & how the building is being built. Regardless the mood the inspector is in, you would hope they would work with you to get your new business or business expansion open. I recently talked to  Springfield city council member about the building department and its deficiencies as far as its lack in efficiencies & he said “we are working on it one step at a time.” I guess that’s progress in city terms. IF you have a project that needs to be built, don’t leave it to yourself to figure out, call Friga Construction Co. @ 417-887-7134. We offer less pain and more gain in your next building project.

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