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Converting the Garage into Living Space


Garage remodeling to convert into living space. Why would someone in the right mind get rid of their garage, where they house the car, in order to gain more living space? Well, there are many possible events where the space is needed.

Some families need to accommodate their boomerang children or aging parents. I will straight up admit: I am a boomerang child. I moved out after high school only to return after getting a college degree. Why? Because now I am a broke college graduate drowning in student debt. Thanks mom, love ya!

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So, what about the option of the basement or attic? There is the potential of converting the attic or basement into living space but some houses have neither. Or if there is an attic, it would be impossible to remodel because the rafters do not form the ‘A’ pitch and there would not be enough head room.

However, there are many houses with either attached or detached garages, and these can be turned to enjoyable living areas by garage remodeling . The prospective for this new space is almost unlimited; extra bedroom, office, library (that would be the first thing on my list), music room, craft room, playroom, or another living area.

When you decide what you would like to convert the old garage into, give us a call at Friga Construction. We will provide you with a free consultation and come look at the space. Need some ideas, just don’t know where to start or know what could the garage remodeling can be ? Contact us. You will want and need a qualified professional to help with this remodel given the local ordinances and building codes. Friga Construction will make sure the new converted space stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We are here to make your visions become reality. Call us today to get your old garage turned into something that you need; either for yourself or your boomerang children. 417-887-7134

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