What is a Patio Home and is it different than a duplex?

Patio homes are different from duplexes in many ways.  A simple example is that patio homes are basically two homes attached together at the foundation.  They have separate utilities, separate structures with a concrete block fire wall, separate building lots, usually a low maintenance exterior, sodded and sprinkled yards, covered patio, 1400-1600 sq ft, and typically 2-3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms.  Whereas a duplex has to be sold as a whole building, usually one utility service for the building, a double sheetrocked fire dividing wall, maybe low maintenance exteriors with vinyl siding, not typically sodded or sprinkled yards, 2-3 bedroom with 1-2 bathrooms,  no covered patio, and typically rented only.  Either one can be leased on one side or both sides.  However, patio homes will have a higher resale value, because they are considered individual homes.

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