What does Quality Mean in Construction?

What does quality actually mean in a construction project?  It is actually a bigger deal than most realize.  Most construction clientele go with the less expensive bid on projects.  Just like buying a car, getting a hotel, or buying that new electronic gadget.  However, quality matters, just take a hotel resort room for example:  You pay to have a good experience/vacation from regular life/home.  There are certain things you demand/require that may seem standard.  However, the low bid/cheap room may not actually address those concerns.  You may have a nice view, but a crappy bed.  You may have good restaurants nearby, but they are triple what you normally pay for, for each dinner/lunch/breakfast.  The list can go on and on.

This is very true, you tend to get what you pay for and construction is no different.  Customer service in construction and managing the project is a big deal.  It can mean the difference in spending the required minimum amount or paying extra because the construction company was the low bid and doesn’t care about customer service/client prioritizing.

The number #1 thing Friga Construction is about, it is customer service.  We look at each project like it is our own.  We always prioritize the client with each project, clients are not just a number to us.  Especially spending the money most clients end up spending on construction projects.  So always evaluate bids with a construction project.  The lowest may not be ultimately ideal for you in the long run.

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