Is it Less Expensive to Build Here or There?

A building lot carries several factors relating to the cost of a new building.  You need to factor in what you are building on the lot you are building it.  If the lot has a ton of trees, they will have to be removed, costing money.  If the lot is on the side of a hill or mountain.  There is most likely going to be rock breaking involved, which is not cheap.  If the lot is in a low lying area, it will probably need to be built up on fill dirt.  Which tends to cost more than cutting the topsoil off and building off of that.

Nine times out of ten, the lots’ excavation is the last thing on ones mind, it is usually the location or cost of the lot.  Prime building lots and location lots are generally more expensive.  It is recommended that building on any lot, should have some type of evaluation done before buying the lot.

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