Is Building New Better, Than Buying an Existing Building and Remodeling?

Constructing a new building is always appealing.  It is just like buying a new car or truck versus a used vehicle with a lot of features for less.  Everyone likes brand new things, but they are not in everyone’s budget.  Building new, typically costs more than buying an existing building and remodeling.  Mainly because of the additional ‘overhead’.  Such as city site planning, utility connection fees, stormwater fees, and then the possibility of unsuitable soil, rock breaking, additional items cities require to bring up to code.  Whereas, if you have an existing building, that you can modify.  You typically do not run into those issues.

Either way, you will probably need an architect and plans put together.  It tends to come down to the location, the client’s needs, and money.  Sometimes it is more efficient to build new for expansion, utility savings, location, location, location, etc.  It is recommended to all clients to research their needs and see if there are any properties available, that they like and can afford to modify.  If not, then they should consider building new.

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