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Do you have the time to wait for the contractor to make time for your project?
Once a project is underway it is already costing you money till it is finished and open for business. Even with today, low-interest rates on loans monthly payments are still due and the overall amount of debt adds up fast, not to mention upfront business expenses can weigh on a client until the project is complete. It seems gone are the days where contractors only build what their current capacity is. Nowadays, you may notice the same contractor all over the place building. While wondering how are they getting them done on time with a labor shortage. Do they have a massive workforce? Not likely, it typically means the smaller projects go to the bottom of the pile and that is recommended that construction contracts are drafted to include a specific amount of project days. More often than not, clients choose a contractor with projects all over the place. With the theory, that they must be good if they are everywhere.

Federal, State, City/County, and public entities will stipulate a certain amount of days on each project, with a firm completion date. Then if the contractor unnecessarily goes beyond that, they have the option to charge liquidated damages if it is not a typical AIA contract, delay justification. Liquidated damages will cost the project more money if the timeline is very short or if it will be a difficult project with unknown variables (weather, materials, etc.).


There are issues that construction projects commonly run into such as weather delays, material lead times, material factory issues, building permitting/regulations, and unforeseen conditions. However, time stipulations help prevent the contractor’s from bidding a ton of projects and putting yours on the back burner without any recourse for you. Don’t let this happen to you! 

Generally adding liquidated damages for a private construction project is not recommended. Unless it is essential for the project to be completed in a specific time period. Typical public construction project liquidated damages can range from $100 a calendar day to $250 a calendar day.


The construction industry is experiencing a high labor shortage in the United States and no company is immune from it. Common sense dictates the more projects with less available personnel equals to protracted project timelines. If extended timelines are not a huge priority, then no big deal and choose whomever you would like.

The low bid may seem appealing at first. However, it can definitely cost the client more money in the long run with delays among other things in the project.

At Friga Construction located right here in Springfield Missouri, we pride ourselves on years of experience in the field with a balance in both commercial development and local business renovation we have the proven track record of staying on time, on budget adding value to our clients each and every day. 




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