Are Your Windows a Clear Choice?

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Are Your Windows a Clear Choice?

I mean do you know the differences in the different windows and window manufactures? Most people do not, they see a window for what it is. It’s clear and protects the inside of the home from the elements. Well, there is a lot more to a window Choice than meets the eye.Windows have come along way from what they used to be. The older windows consisted of wood frame & sashes with single pane glass with weights.

Overtime the windows aged by rotting if the painting wasn’t kept up. The energy efficiency performance of the old windows are extremely low.If that stuff didn’t bother you then try operating them after 40 years of being painted, a lot of them are painted shut. Things changed, the industry noticed the importance in the efficiency of doors and windows. I have seen testing on new windows where they shot a 2×4 through it, to see if meets certain new requirements. There are many windows choice and brands to choose from, which one should you choose? I would say it depends on what you want in the window. Do you want the best there is? Is interior or exterior colors important to match? Cost is usually a factor. How efficient do you want it and so on.

The options vary on each brand of window, however there are some standards offered by all manufacturers. For instance, they will ask you if you want a vinyl or wood window. Vinyl is usually cheaper & you can have some of the benefits of the wood windows, such as Low E glass, double pane, with grills. Low maintenance, longevity, & efficiency. The wood window choice are more sturdy, they don’t warp or sag like vinyl can. You can get more color options & wood interior choices. The efficiency, longevity, & resale value are there as well. There are different types of glass that you can get, some offer a double pane Low E glass which is efficient & there are some that offer more panes such as a three pane. Most people go with the double pane and don’t spring for the extra cost on the added glass panes. There are some neat features that manufactures offer as well. For example, blinds inside the glass or storm proofing such as Andersen Window’s StormWatch. The wood windows and doors today are either wrapped in vinyl or metal so the wood doesn’t touch the elements.

Andersen, Pella, & Marvin are the some of the biggest names in residential & commercial windows & doors. Each manufacture has their own high & low-end products. You should choose which brand you believe is going to make you happy over the long run. However, we are an Andersen Certified Installer, which means we know how to install them properly & we give a two-year installation warranty on their windows & doors. We tend to lean toward Andersen as the brand we use, but everyone has their own preference. Each manufacture has their specific way they recommend to install their window. However, there is a set pattern all of them follow. Installing windows & doors correctly plays a major part in how the window or door functions. Nowadays, installers & builders must meet these new requirements.If they don’t meet the requirements of the window or door manufacture & the window fails. The manufacture says, sorry the installer installed them incorrectly & the warranty is void. That would make anyone mad. You are buying the installation as much as you’re buying the window or door. The correct installation means you have a manufactures warranty.
Your window & door checklist should go as follows: What do I want or expect in the product; price, efficiency, colors, & etc.? Do I want vinyl or wood windows? Choose a manufacturer who you feel is what you want. Who is my installer; the cheapest or Certified by the manufacturer to make sure you get your warranty?

Just because you are getting a new house or remodel doesn’t mean your windows or doors are going to be what you want. Make sure you find out the details for windows choice accordingly. Windows and doors are a really big part of efficiency, which means how much money is saved. Like I stated before you are buying the installation as much as the window. We are an Certified Andersen Window & Door Installer, we have been through their hands on training in Minnesota (granted it was in February, I had never saw trucks drive across a frozen 80 ft river before then). We have insurance, a member of Springfield’s Home Builders Association, & are a member of Springfield’s Best. Give us a call @ 417-887-7134.

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