Master Bath Remodeling Ideas

Bathroom Remodel by Friga INC

Master Bath Remodeling Ideas


Ceramic tile shower-

Ceramic tile comes in a variety of colors and sizes, so bathroom remodel personalizing space will be easy. Unless you’re super indecisive about colors like I am…then you might need to call in a friend or professional to help you out.

It is easy to clean and does not harbor germs; hooray for less time scrubbing the shower! It also prevents humidity.Ceramic tile in the shower is a win-win situation, you really can’t go wrong.Give us a call, we can help you stay on budget and get it finished right the first time so you can enjoy your shower.

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Multi-shower heads-

Need I say more? It’s like heaven in the bathroom remodel. After you remodel your shower with ceramic tile, you would have to put in multi-shower heads. I’m pretty sure I would lay in the floor forever…or until the water got cold.

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Double sinks–

Are you and your significant other playing a grouchy game of do-si-do every morning when it comes to bathroom time and trying to get ready for work? Instead of waking up 5 minutes early to take dibs over the bathroom, how about looking into a double sink vanity? If you think that your bathroom is too small to accommodate a double vanity, call Friga Construction for bathroom remodel and we’ll be happy to take a look and see what we can do. You deserve that extra sleep and not start every morning with a fight for the sink.

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Utilize the space in your bathroom. Ever thought of putting shelves above the door? If you put colorful baskets up there with all your goodies in them, it will draw the eye upward and make it appear a little larger by bathroom remodeling. Or putting up a half wall-Friga will help you with that. A half wall near the toilet area will not only offer privacy but it provides a great way to build in additional storage spots.


Heated tiles–

This is almost if not better than the multi-shower head idea. Just picture it; getting out of the shower and stepping onto a nice, warm, heated floor. That sounds amazing!! Plus, if you got pets, they will love you for this feature.

Friga Construction recently installed a heat pad under bathroom tiles, so when you’re ready for bathroom remodel we will be here prepared to help.


Walk-in closet-

Tired of your insufficient closet space that’s not usefully located and too small to organize? Friga Construction can come in and remodel to fit your needs. Have you wondered how a large walk-in closet would look joined to your bathroom? You could have everything you need to get around in the mornings in one central location. There’s no need to leave your heated tile floor to pick out an outfit for work.

Give Friga Construction a call when you are ready to remodel your bathroom and we will be glad to make your visions become reality. Contact us today. 417-887-7134

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